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Designed by BIG and Heatherwick Studio, in collaboration with BDP, Gardiner & Theobald, AKT II, Atelier Ten and many more, the 11-story purpose-built building is set to commence construction in 2018.

"The unanimous planning approval of our first project in the UK is a major achievement for us and our London office – but more importantly King’s Cross will get a very lively new neighbor and the UK Googlers will finally be united.“ AIA New York State announces VIA 57 West as the recipient for this year's Design Award.

Liefdesverdriet kent geen genade en lijkt soms uitzichtloos.

Deutsche Bank loans to Trump and his family members have come under scrutiny.The Danish Maritime Museum is placed underground, just outside the wall of a dry dock in a formerly abandoned shipyard.Author Bruce Peter takes us on a tour of the new museum in Helsingør, Denmark.Ze groeit op in een muzikale familie in Southgate, Noord-Londen. Ze begint met het schrijven van gedichten en zet deze later om in liedteksten.Amy is in het begin een rustig, lief meisje, maar als haar ouders uit elkaar gaan breekt er iets in haar.BIG and Artemide's Alphabet of Light has been nominated for the 2017 Beazley Designs of the Year award, considering products at the provocative cross-section of contemporary design.


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