Single parents dating articles

One of the biggest mistakes I have seen countless singles make is assuming that because they or their dating partner graduated from a support ministry, there no longer exists a residue of pain in their heart.Because the intensity of pain has lifted does not mean that you have learned everything you needed to learn or have moved past your pain.There are a lot of assumptions out there about single parents -- and particularly single moms.For example, there are people who believe that "most" single moms choose to raise their kids solo, are unemployed, and receive government assistance. Census data, the actual single parent statistics may surprise you.Pre-dating preparation usually begins with single parents having to recover from something: a death, a divorce (or relationship breakup), or some other significant loss.

First-hand experience is the best way to buck these widely held stereotypes and build a community of support in their place!

In the second half of the 20th century, as divorce became more socially accepted, the number of single-parent families increased.

By the beginning of the 21st century, there was less of a social stigma attached to women who might choose to have children and bring them up, without being married to or even living with the child's father.

Anne Malcolm, a senior counsellor with Relationship Services, says single parents must realise that the children come first and that any new relationship has to fit around them.

“People don’t like to hear that when they’re in love,” she says.


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