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12/23/2014) Confirmation from Razer that a patch is in the works, no ETA provided. v=JF_o8WNt3hs Note: If System Variables are greyed out, type in System in the start menu, and then goto Advanced System Settings on the right side.This will ensure you're accessing Environment Variables as an administrator user.

:-) The issue is also discussed in a related topic in Stack Overflow.It might be you need to override this variable (or test if it is set) in your batch file that starts up.Alternatively (but it isn't preferred practice) you can set the variable when you start to force your settings, but then you may be causing this issue for someone else further down the line.I am getting this error in a program that creates several (hundreds of thousands) Hash Map objects with a few (15-20) text entries each.These Strings have all to be collected (without breaking up into smaller amounts) before being submitted to a database.It sounds like reading the entire file before sending the data to the database is really poor solution... JVM enginner, Aleksey Shipilev has even a talk on this topic (" In our case using -XX: Use Conc Mark Sweep GC reduced a little bit the risk of "Out Of Memory Error: GC overhead limit exceeded" error in high load / high memory pressure situations, but on the other hand it used up more CPU, so that the requests took 5-10% longer to execute under normal load situations.


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