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In combination they allow you to automate and administrate your Winamp based SHOUTcast station remotely via a web server running on your broadcasting box. Sends system information to your website via FTP from which you can include to your html documents with SSI. Form there this can be uploaded to a FTP and parsed on the server end. Form there this can be uploaded to a FTP and parsed on the server end - Spy AMP Spy Amp is a simple web server plug in for Winamp that allows people to connect to your computer using a browser and see what you're playing.If you set permissions accordingly, you may also allow downloading of music files.Here is the code for your site: For questions, suggestions, bug reports, and anything else, please e-mail or leave a comment. If you ONLY want the current playing song use perl - parse the '7' file (requires SC server newer than 1.8.3) If you want the current song and the past ?? My own MP3 collection contains both songs directly ripped and fully tagged, in one round, from my own CDs, and other files from everywhere, all encoded without any tags.

You do realize that the old Music Ticker will NOT work in future releases Shoutcast and Nullsoft has cut support for "Extended Log Info", and that the suggestions I made will work with present and future versions of Shoutcast?

Current stats enabled are: Current song, last 5 songs, current listeners & the ability to add all xml stats available in SHOUTcast.

- Radio Tool Box - Music Ticker (out of date) Music Ticker is a general-purpose plug in for Nullsoft Winamp, which enables you to output the name of the currently playing song and recently played songs to an HTML file ready for publication on the World Wide Web. - Shoutc ASP shoutc ASP is a set of ASP scripts (Active Server Pages, Microsoft's dynamic web content system) for IIS Server, a plugin for Winamp, a VBS script, database and a couple of COM Objects.

If they're putting your CD into a standalone player, such as a home or car stereo, it's another thing altogether.

Your CD needs to have been encoded with CD-Text at the mastering stage (before it’s been manufactured) and the player needs to support CD-Text (not all standalone players do).


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